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Lake Point Community Association was created to help strengthen our community.

Lake Point Community Association  sponsors  the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Food Trucks 4 Kids, Movie Series, Lake Point Days & Fall Festival.


The Lake Point parade was a tradition that started back in the 1970's or earlier. It was the primary that was in charge, and each primary teacher would come up with a theme for their class. The route started at the same corner, but went the opposite direction, to the old rock church. And long before community days were popular, Lake Point had weekly volleyball games, Easter Egg hunts at Adobe Rock and campouts at Howard and Clarine Davies' backyard, complete with potluck dinners and breakfast.
That's how they first tried to keep our community close, with everyone knowing their neighbors, working and playing together, watching out for each other.
Another early celebration was held at the grist mill. We did history tours, had games, walked on stilts and had dinner. There may have been some dancing after dinner to. One year we even pulled handcarts to the grist mill --  around pioneer day - - and then partied together there.

I believe that the first official Lake Point Town Celebration was in 1999. We printed up a brown t-shirt with the Welcome to Lake Point sign on it.    We did it at the church, serving breakfast.  And the cultural hall was filled  with displays about LP history. The primary did a few games. We had a history tour around town - Adobe rock, the old rock church, Yates spring, etc.
The next year the primary did breakfast again, more games, we wore the same shirts and  Colleen Garrard and Jill Pearson had written a book describing the history of LP which was for sell at the celebration.

Then there was a few years that we didn't have a town celebration.    The Cooks decided to start it back up.  That was about 2004.   Adding to the history element and games for kids, they came up with the 5K race.  Tom Cook organized it that first year, along with a health booth, for his eagle scout project. I think that's when we did the outside movie for the first time too.  And the parade and car show were incorporated as well as a lunch instead of a breakfast.   The Cooks called it the Lake Point Fall Festival for a few years and it was held in September or October.  

One year we did mud bogging, another year we added tractor races, and then we tried mud football and we had the Tooele County fire department come with their fire truck to create the muddy bog and then they stayed to spray everyone off .    There were horse rides  and horse shows done.  There were always a bunch of baked goods and treats for sale or competition and a "Show What You Grow" garden contest.    I got a volleyball tournament going, and also horseshoes and Bingo.   Starting in 2011 or 2012 when the Cooks were unable to continue being the organizers,  I took Lake Point Days over (Nancy) with Claar Runyan helping.    We added more games for kids, including some bounce houses, a dunking booth, bike races,  and a Lake Point Pageant for girls ages little to teen,  to compete in -- directed by Cherelle Davies.  Also added to the car show, a little kid cardboard box car show.   We also started a balloon fest  - as the finale of Lake Point Days -- where there were 50-100 colorful balloons all let off at the same time.    

The Friday night movie stayed a hit --  and a chili cook off was added as that evenings event before the movie.   

                In 2018 the Lake Point Community Association was created by Dan Crawford (Co-Chair), Rich Cunningham (Co-Chair) and Cory Cook (Treasurer) . It was created to  continue the heritage we all enjoy and help Lake Point to become a stronger community. This includes Food Trucks 4 Kids, Easter Egg  Hunt,  Lake Point Days & Fall Festival.  

In 2021, we would love to welcome Rachael Homer,  Jill Crawford,  & Lindsay Blauser to the Lake Point Community Association as Committee Chairs. 

In 2022, we would love to welcome Scott Blauser & Zach Bartholomew to our Lake Point Community Association as Committee Chairs. 


We believe we can change the world one act of kindness at a time.

Our Mission

To bring all the folks of Lake Point closer through social events.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To create long lasting friendships and bonds among our fellow Lake Pointers!

We Need Your Support Today!

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