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13th Annual Car &           Parade Show

Vintage Cars

Lake Point Show

SAT AUG 28th


  •  LINE UP 8am-8:30am ( 2000 Sunset Road Lake Point Ut 84074)

  • Parade Starts 9:00am-10:00am

             (Registration pink banner below)   



  • If you do NOT want to be in the Lake Point Parade, please show up at the Benson Grist Mill AROUND 8:30 am.

  • 10am-3pm @ Benson Grist Mill      (325 SR-138, Stansbury Park, UT       84074)


  • 1.) ONLINE- 

  • 2.) PRINTED IT OUT- 

  •  Print of Registration and bring to event.

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Greg Robbin's ran the car show  from Aug 2009 until Aug 2013. Featured event was burnouts! 

Kirk Allen became chair on Aug 2014 until Aug 2019. Member of the Corvette club (15yrs)   

Josh Johnson & Kelly Wiley  Became Car Co-Chairs in 2020

Josh Johnson & Kelly Wiley is joined by Bob Keysaw for 2021!